Friday, November 7, 2008

first musings

i have been thinking about starting my own blog for some time. basically what i have decided is that i complain a lot and no one person wants to hear all my complaining. so why not write my complainings down here. really i think my partner, seth, might leave me if i keep at him. so in a way this is kind of like therapy. yeah if i don't have insurance and can't pay for therapy then i will use as an outlet. it will be cathartic.
in truth i once had a blog before. seth and i started a food blog. but it was doomed from the start. seth started it for us just as i was starting grad school. so i didn't really have much time for writing. and when he was entering the title of the blog he missed spelled foodie. so our blog was entitled 'sethandjennersfooieblog'. FOOIE! whatever happened to proofreading! i wrote a few posts about things we had made or restaurants where we had dined but it petered out after only about two months. seth never wrote a post.

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