Saturday, November 22, 2008

exhausted and hungry

so i started my new job this past week and while i am exhausted from using my brain so very much, it was a great week. its quite strange to call myself nurse practitioner. very strange, in fact. but i love it.
my new job is not exactly the setting i imagined myself in when i was in nursing school and all of my clinical placements were in community health centers in ghettos. that's kind of where i thought i would end up. but finding that job in maine proved difficult. finding any job in maine proved difficult. that's why i am commuting one hour each way to work in new hampshire in a private family practice in an affluent community.
but enough about work. after only one week i don't have much to say except that i have a lot to learn.
as a treat to finally finding and starting a job, seth and i are finally going to indulge our sushi craving. portland has an abundance of sushi restaurant and we love sushi. but being so broke we just havn't been able to rationalize a sushi dinner. we knew that once we could, we would be going to food factory miyake (129 Spring St), at the recommendation of our friends otis and marya. so monday we both started dreaming about our soon to come sushi heaven on saturday night.
we were also anticipating the maine episode of bizarre foods with andrew zimmern. mostly we were watching because he attends the bizarre food death match and otis and marya were there and we wanted to get a peek of them in the back ground. but he also goes to miyake! it is already a very popular and tiny restaurant that is hard to get a table in, and now this! not to mention, it makes us look like johnny-come-latelys. anyway, we are headed over there very early this evening so we don't have to wait. i will write tomorrow about the experience.

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