Sunday, August 29, 2010

the perfect morning

i initially started this post to describe a perfect day i had.  but i only made it to 11:30 am before i put it on hold to finish in a few days.  now i am coming back to it more than a month later.  so i think i will edit it a bit and post it as the perfect morning.  and truthfully, this is how most of my saturdays look, though i am not quite lucky enough to have a massage every saturday morning.
let me tell you what a perfect morning looks like in jenner's mind.
7:45am: okay so this was a little early for a perfect morning but i was getting up early for good reason.
8:00am: church tag sale just down the street from my house.  i have always wanted to be a regular tag sale go-er but i have only recently starting really started going.  i didn't have any unbelievable finds, but i still had a great time and spent $4 on 4 items.  and i got to indulge my obsession with cookbooks and add yet another one to my collection.
9:00am: massage w/ becca.  okay, i have been keeping this secret to myself for long enough.  the awake collective in the east end has massages for $40/hour!  yes, that is right, $40/hour!  and this is an AMAZING massage.  worth at least double what they are charging.  becca has gifted hands and she is truly a healing practitioner
10:00am: ice coffee and berry muffin from katie made bakery.  they have coffee ice cubes.  need i say more?  but i will say more -- greatest berry muffin ever!  i also really love their berry scones.  i have had a love affair with scones for years, probably made all the more intense because a good scone is hard to find.  my most favorite scone was from the original buckie's biscotti in dennis, massachusetts.  but ever since they moved locations (and the fact that seth works every weekend so we never make it to cape cod) i never get to indulge in this favorite.  finding these amazing scones at katie made is a happy discovery.
10:30am: farmer's market.  this is my saturday ritual and it really does make me happy.  this saturday i got to meet up w/ jen and her two kids.  one of my new favorite finds at the farmer's market is swallow tail farm's dairy products.  every morning i make a smoothie w/ their kefir and in season berries whenever possible.
11:30am: seth finally has a weekend day off ...
so that is what a perfect saturday morning looks like in jenner's mind.  not surprisingly, food is a major factor.

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