Wednesday, July 7, 2010

please stop

every time i post something here i get one, and sometimes multiple, comments in japanese or chinese trying to advertise their websites of young asian women in their under ware.  i have nothing against these websites or their content, but i always block your comments and i really don't think that anyone reading my usually about food blog is looking for information about your websites (not that they aren't in to the content but they know where to more appropriately look for that content).  i doubt you are actually reading the posts you comment on, but if you are can you please stop posting comments on my blog?  i will never publish your comments so you are really wasting both your time and mine.  please please please stop.


Anonymous said...

FYI, I am pretty sure the posting of such comments is done indiscriminately by automated software.

In other words, you can not plead with it.

The best solution might be to look for equally automated comment spam filtering.

where is jenner's mind said...

i know you are right. i'm just so frustrated and not everyone's blog gets hit.

Marya said...

I used to get hundreds. It sucks.