Thursday, January 8, 2009

a shower a day keeps the mrsa away

i won't delve into the gritty details of the events that inspired this posting, but i will ask the simple question: why wouldn't you want to bathe on a regular basis? i personally shower just about every day though i'm known to skip a day on the weekends. and i frequently do suggest to my patients plagued by eczema that less frequent showers may be good for their oh-so-dry skin. but when i say less frequent i mean every other day or every two days, i don't mean skipping a shower until you have the undeniable odor of human stench.
but i wonder if i am missing something important here. has my stinky patient suddenly found herself and her family homeless and without means to clean her body? is she so horribly depressed that she can't bring herself to bathe? or does she simply have very bad hygiene habits? these are things that are difficult to assess cuz what do you say? hey honey, i noticed that you reek, why is this so?

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