Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i can't help myself

call it what you will, but i love crappy tv. seth has frequently said to me, "jenner, it's amazing that someone as smart as you could like something so stupid." so with those sentiments in mind, when i saw that the new season of the bachelor was starting i quickly and shamefully dvr'd it before he could notice. today, on my mid-week day off, as the snow fell outside, i enjoyed the guilty pleasure of the bachelor. i will say that i could never watch it on live tv again, as i must fast forward through the inevitable moment when one of the bachelorettes reads the bachelor the rhyming poem she has written just for him.
in my defense, i have to use my brain a lot at work. i spend a lot of time just listening to people and trying to find something meaningful and motivational to say to them. between people with sky high blood pressure and cholesterol, obesity, and borderline blood sugars (that is all one patient) and everyone from teens to adults with anxiety to arguing with patients that want antibiotics for their viral upper respiratory infection and treating anal warts, my work can take a lot out of me. and on my day off, god dammit, i want a little brainless activity to relax to. and if the bachelor doesn't fit that bill i don't know what does.

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