Monday, March 7, 2011

burger fancy

for this round of burger-o-rama it is fine dining!
seth and i have been wanting to try david's ever since tv diner gave it the platinum plate.  when a said that david's had burgers i thought it would be a great chance to check it out.
the actual space that david's occupies is beautiful, with really high ceilings and lots of cool architectural details.  but the decor made me feel like i had taken a step back in time to the 1990s.  their were multiple out of place decorative colloum, i think i remember a few romanesque busts, and just a sense that someone with just a little decorative know-how needs to come in and pare down the decor.  even the david's logo needs some updating to the 2010s.  i know you don't really care about how the place looked, but i just had to say.
they started us a bread basket with these very tasty bread knots served with a parmesan cheese, oil, and herb mixture that was not so pretty to look at but was pretty good.  i was so hungry when we first sat down so i ate way too much bread and was stuffed after only a few bites of my burger.
the burger's description in the menu is full of superlatives like magnificent double smoked bacon and a really good pickle.  the bacon was pretty magnificent but the pickle was no more than what i would expect to come with a fucking $12 burger.  it was good but if you are going to say something specifically about the pickle, then it better be a really good pickle.
large thick angus beef patty was perfectly cooked at medium rare. the double bacon is really a double wide sliced of bacon.  it was unsurprisingly delicious as bacon tends to be.  it was served with cheddar cheese, ice burg lettuce, thin slices of red onions, and sad looking tomatoes.  the truffle fries with truffle ketchup were each very good but together, the truffle flavor was overwhelming.
overall the burger was good.  the bacon was smokey (surprise) and crispy and kind of overpowered the flavor of the beef.  i don't remember the cheese at all so it clearly wasn't that memorable.  i forgive the tomato, it was february in maine.  but maybe you should just leave it off if its no good.
while the burger was good, i would not go back to david's specifically for this buger.  if you are at david's and you are craving a burger, this one will do the trick.  but it was short of magnificent or even very good.

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