Tuesday, November 3, 2009


tonight after voting, seth and i went to celebrate democracy with a pint of beer and some fried food. and what better place for such a celebration than ruski's (212 danforth street)? ruski's really is a go to place for seth and i for many reasons. number 1: its awesome. number 2: two blocks from our house. number 3: real dive bar. number 4: good food. number 5: unpretentious.
in college i had my heart broken when brady's yatch club, our favorite local dive bar, got "discovered" and was over run with hipsters. this is not to say that there are no hipsters in ruski's, cuz there frequently are. but there are also lots of salty dog regulars. everyone sort of balances each other out so it never feels like a scene for any one group of people.
there menu is very extensive and i almost always have a hard time ordering because how can you decide between a burger, a calzone, or nachos? there are just too many choices. and while it is very basic cuisine and a very large proportion of the menu is fried, its good stuff.
tonight we decided to share the chicken tenders appetizer with ranch dressing and the sauerkraut hot dog. i have been wanting to order a hot dog here for ages but just haven't. i shouldn't have waited so long cuz it was great -- it was quite meat-a-licous and tasty. i think their dogs are a pound each so i was happy to share it with seth. i am obsessed with fried chicken so i have never met a chicken tender i didn't like. one of these days i'm gonna order the fried chicken dinner with four pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy. all for $8.95.
oh yeah -- pbr pints are $2.

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Blueberry Files said...

go jenner go! i have never been to the much lauded ruski's- your review makes me want to try it!