Wednesday, December 10, 2008

another reason to love maine

maine shrimp. the small sweet, naturally pink morsels of deliciousness. otis and marya had told tales of these treats many times. on monday december 1st, i heard announced on mpbn that the maine shrimp season had officially started and would be an especially long season, i knew i was going to be indulging within days.
saturday, as we did our grocery shopping, we picked up one pound of unshelled maine shrimp for about $4 a pound. later that night, as seth shelled them, he said to me "these are cooked right?" he was fooled by the naturally pink color because they were raw. we blanched half and had shrimp cocktail and sauteed the rest in olive oil and garlic and put them on top of our pizza. SHRIMPALICOUS!!!!
we may have though our shrimp feast was done for the week but it wasn't. sunday night we went to otis and marya's for dinner and after some amazing appetizers of wellfleet oysters in the nude and rockefeller and blue fish smoked by otis's father, we dug into some amazing maine shrimp etouffee prepared by otis.
i have no doubt there will be much more indulging on maine shrimp.

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